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Fertility Options for Lesbian Couples

Lesbian couples that wish to begin building their beautiful families have a decision to make about what type of fertility treatment methods are best for their specific needs. Your fertility specialist at Dreams will partner with you to discuss which option might be the best choice: IUI, IVF, or reciprocal IVF.

Your fertility doctor will consider a conception procedure based on your fertility history, medical evaluation, fertility testing for the partner who plans to get pregnant, and the couples’ personal preferences.

There are three primary fertility options for lesbian couples.

Types of Sperm Donors Used for Lesbian Family-building

Lesbian couples seeking to start or add to their families have many choices to make along the way to parenthood. As longtime advocates and supporters of lesbian parents, Dreams Fertility knows there are many paths to conception. Our fertility specialists are here to assist with all aspects of the process, including educating our patients about the type of sperm donor to select.

Deciding on which type of sperm donor to use is very personal, and every couple should carefully consider their individual needs and expectations. We highly recommend speaking to other lesbian couples about their donor choice to hear about different experiences.

Lesbian Family Building

Using a Known Sperm Donor

Some lesbian couples decide that they would like to have someone they know, such as a friend or relative, contribute sperm to create the pregnancy. This is called using a “known sperm donor.”

Couples (or individuals) who choose known donors are reassured by having more information about the donor’s background and personality than they might if they chose sperm from a sperm bank. They also might hope that the child could have the option of having contact with their biological father in the future.

In some cases, lesbian couples will choose known donors with the expectation that the donor will act as a male role model and have an ongoing, albeit limited, role in the child’s life. Since this option isn’t for everyone, it’s essential to consider many factors while deciding on a type of sperm donor. A few of the issues to consider include:

Enlisting a Sperm Bank

Some lesbian couples feel more comfortable choosing a donor from a sperm bank than someone they know. Some of the advantages they cite include:

For lesbian couples that decide to use a sperm bank rather than a known donor, there is still an important choice to make regarding the type of sperm donor. There are two choices at most sperm banks.

At Dreams Fertility, we’re here to offer our lesbian patients all of the support and information they need to make the best family-building plan. Contact us to schedule an appointment with a fertility specialist to start your journey with an understanding healthcare partner.

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