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Getting Started with Fertility Treatment

After an initial consultation with the physician of your choice, you will move closer and closer to the results you desire. Whether it’s a diagnosis and targeted fertility treatment or fertility rescue to preserve your family-building options, Dreams Fertility is the best Southern California reproductive center commits to guiding you toward success.

Treatment can take many forms at our fertility clinic. We provide comprehensive services to help men and women – single, married, gay, or straight – become parents today and in the future.

How to Know If You Are Experiencing Infertility

More than 12 months have passed, and you have not had success getting pregnant on your own. Your fertility treatment plan will begin with fertility tests that usually take place over one full menstrual cycle. Because male infertility accounts for half of all cases, our infertility center coordinates semen analysis early in the process. Common fertility treatment options include:

If You Need Fertility Rescue

After a cancer diagnosis and prior to chemotherapy or surgery, call us to arrange for fertility rescue. For women, this means we work with your oncologist to schedule an emergency fertility treatment cycle. Our reproductive endocrinologists induce ovulation so that you produce a good supply of eggs. Next, we retrieve and freeze the eggs for later use after the threat of cancer is gone. Fertility preservation for cancer patients is an essential service and one that our infertility center proudly offers.

If You Are Over 35 or Worried About Age and Infertility

Our infertility clinic offers the latest fertility tests and egg freezing for fertility preservation. A blood test for the anti-Müllerian hormone, also called AMH, can predict the number of eggs remaining in your ovaries. With ovarian reserve testing, you can make a proactive plan for fertility treatment.

If You Are Considering Gender Selection

We have the unique capability to offer DREAMS patients the opportunity to work one on one with a world class reproductive genetics specialist. Genetic testing opens up new options for parents who elect to pursue fertility treatment. Our infertility clinic works closely with our IVF laboratory to plan for preimplantation genetic diagnosis, PGT. Testing a single, non-essential cell from a developing embryo provides us data about the potential for genetic disease, the sex of the baby, and viability of each embryo.

What If You Are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender and Want to Start a Family?

Fertility treatment may entail donor sperm with IUI; donor sperm with IVF; or donor eggs with a gestational surrogate. Our practice provides inclusive, caring fertility treatment for all people.

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