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Dreams Fertility is proud to support all individuals and is an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.

Patient Support

Patient Support

Rely on Your Fertility Clinic for Support

Your reproductive care extends well beyond the treatment rooms at our fertility clinic. Starting a family can feel overwhelming in the best of circumstances. Add infertility treatment, travel, or donor services, and your stress level can escalate to unmanageable.

At Dreams Fertility">Dreams Fertility, we have extensive experience in providing for our patients and partners. Patient services at our fertility clinic cover emotional support, assistance with affording the cost of IVF, and accurate, timely fertility education and information.

Fertility Financing and Medication Discount Programs

Our fertility clinic actively seeks and finds programs to help you better afford the cost of fertility treatment. In fact, we have created our own, exclusive grant process to meet the needs of financially eligible patients.

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Specializing in Fertility Tourism and Welcoming International Travelers

Navigating infertility treatment is complicated, especially for our guests who travel from across the United States and abroad to partner with our fertility clinic. We devote a staff member to helping you plan your treatment cycles and make the most of the time you spend here in Palm Springs.

Our concierge services for U.S. and international patients include discounted hotel rates and coordinated cycles with your home country’s physician.

Connecting the Fertility Community

Individuals and couples experiencing infertility can feel isolated. Gay and lesbian couples may not know where to turn for support. Our fertility clinic provides physical and emotional support before, during, and after treatment.

Connecting the Fertility Community