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How to Read a Semen Analysis

How to Read a Semen Analysis

A semen analysis is one of the preliminary tests a couple will undergo if they are trying to conceive. It can provide a wide range of information and insights about the health of the man’s sperm. If you have just received your results and are not sure what they mean, don’t worry! We are here … Read more

Transgender Fertility Planning: What You Need To Know Before Making A Decision

Transgender Fertility Planning_ What You Need To Know Before Making A Decision (1)

Cisgender people aren’t the only ones who face trouble when trying to conceive a child. One of the most vulnerable groups in this regard is transgender people.   Trans people are exposed to various additional obstacles to having biological children because, apart from various cultural and other resentments, there are some legal hurdles.  For example, in … Read more

What Happens During Gestational Surrogacy? A Walk Through The Process

What Happens During Gestational Surrogacy_ A Walk Through The Proces (1)

The female reproductive system is a complex piece of bio-machinery. And assisted reproductive technologies (ART) have brought a sliver of hope for women who are unable to carry a pregnancy to term. IVF and gestational surrogacy has helped many couples realize their dreams of bringing their child into this world. But how does gestational surrogacy … Read more

What is Reciprocal IVF? Understanding If This Is The Right Dreams Fertility Option For You

Assisted reproductive technologies are helping scores of same-sex couples realize their dreams of bringing their own children into their lives and happily expanding their families. In the case of lesbian couples, one particular treatment option of IVF is helping both partners be part of the childbirth process.  It’s called Reciprocal IVF. What is Reciprocal IVF … Read more

Positive Signs After Embryo Transfer: Indicators That Your Fertility Treatment Is Working

Positive Signs After Embryo Transfer_ Indicators That Your Fertility Treatment Is Working

Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), like IVF, has helped scores of couples overcome the challenges of infertility and achieve pregnancy. However, the entire procedure of IVF can be emotionally taxing for couples. The two-week wait between embryo transfer and the pregnancy test to determine if the procedure has been successful is full of mixed emotions and … Read more

IVF After 40: Understanding If It’s The Right Decision For You

IVF After 40_ Understanding If It’s The Right Decision For You

Wanting to start a family comes with a lot of considerations. Trends show that women are delaying getting pregnant for a variety of reasons. But your chances of getting pregnant diminish with passing age. Getting pregnant after 40 is challenging. However, thanks to a host of fertility treatments and technological advances, there is light at … Read more

PGT Testing With IVF: How Dreams Can Help You Through Embryo Screening


If you and your partner struggle with conceiving your first child, you’re not alone. According to UCLA researchers, more than one out of every ten couples suffers from infertility issues. The incidence of birth defects remains a source of concern as the consequences can be devastating and life-long. Fortunately, there are more fertility options today … Read more